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What is Riba-x?

A Search, Connect & Communities platform that enables businesses, products, services and any other resource findable, and linked to the most value-add. The riba-x platform enables business-to-customers, business-to-business - communities,and communities-business connections; increasing traffic and volumes of trade across business ecosystems.

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Why Riba-x?
  • Extending Access

    Businesses, products & services offerings are hosted on the riba-x platform. The platform enables businesses to extend its reach and coverage.This is achieved through communities of shared interests and resources, enabling right-fit connections and collaborations. These among several benefits increase in volume and quality of trades and transactions.

  • Redefine Business Presence

    Redefine your businesses online & offline. riba-x provide intelligent search and connect engines that enable products & services offerings be available to right-customers. Through dynamic value-chains, riba-x finds and recommends the optimal businesses, agencies & individuals for each transaction.

  • Ease of Connections & Transactions

    From a simple Search & Connect, the platform integrates relevant businesses in each transaction value-chain. riba-x simplifies complex transactions for you at the onvenience of your devices.

How Riba-x works?
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  • Submit Search request(s)

    On the Search Bar, enter search requests and be matched with top and nearest providers of the item, product or services

  • Connect with the most-valued provider

    On riba-x, follow/connect and engage with providers(people, businesses and communities) of shared Interests. Through these connections, you negotiate, buy and sell products and services, and also have access to other service providers in the value-chain.

  • Complete your transactions

    riba-x facilitates the integration of service providers along value-chains of requests to complete transaction. Over 100 categories of interest, service lines and business communities are enrolled on riba-x. Through these dynamic connections your needs are completed.